Epic Games founder became a billionaire

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Sponsored by success and hype of Fortnite

Epic Games studio founder Tim Sweeney joined the ranks of billionaires, reported by Bloomberg. After release of Fortnite, Epic Games worth tremendously increased and is currently estimated between $5 and $8 billion dollars. Just to compare, in 2012 the estimate remained at $825 million mark. Sweeney also owns most of shares of the studio.

Of course, Epic Games founder is not the first billionaire in gaming industry. According to Bloomberg, Valve CEO Gabe Newell net worth is roughly estimated at $6.82 billion which makes him 235th in the list of the richest people on Earth.

Epic Games studio is on top of the world right now all thanks to the phenomenal popularity and success of Fortnite – Battle Royale game released by the studio in July of 2017.

The Battle Royale appears to be the most popular game in the world that big time hooked both gaming community and pop culture celebrities. According to the Tencent company’s report, about 40 million players launch Fortnite each month. It’s roughly twice as much as League of Legends had on its peak of popularity.

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