Epic Games allegedly not paying all Fortnite winners

Jun 11 2019 2 min read

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In an embarrassing turn of events, some professional Fortnite players are allegedly still trying to get their winnings paid for past competitions. Embarrassing for Epic Games if true but horrible for the players involved. 

Reddit user Returnoftruth recently put up a lengthy post in an attempt to bring more awareness to the situation. Many of these players have supposedly not been paid for several months with amounts reaching in excess of $9,000. 

Epic Games has not been silent in this matter though. A few months ago a blog post was put up on Epic's website to specifically address this situation. The post says, 

"We realize that the payment process has been confusing and lacking transparency for many. We’re working to address these issues for past, present and future tournaments." 


"If you’ve reached out previously to the provided email and haven’t received a response, we apologize. We encountered a gap in the monitoring of this account beginning in early February - that has been resolved. Our support team is now processing the archived emails and are working quickly to address delayed responses."

It details the process required for winners to claim their winnings. This includes how winners would prefer to be paid and their tax information. There is also a table that carries the statistics of winners and payments made from tournaments as far back as July 2018.

On the table, more than half of the tournaments played since last year July haven't paid any winnings. From those that have paid, about 27% (1,687) of total winners (6,085) from that period still remain to be paid. All tournaments that haven't paid out all happen to be part of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. 

Putting aside players that were found cheating, suffering penalties and such, Epic Games states that they are simply awaiting the requested information from the winners themselves before payments can be processed. 

On the same Reddit post, there are those that feel the players complaining are not being patient enough while others feel this is an outrage. Over the past couple of months, similar posts have occasionally popped up. 

We can only speculate with the information we have but hopefully these issues will be rectified and Fortnite pros can spend less time trying to get paid and more time doing their job. 

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