Epic adds Apex’s respawn beacons to Fortnite’s map

Mar 01 2019 2 min read

Epic adds Apex's respawn beacons to Fortnite's map ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Fortnite has faced a huge decline in popularity recently due to the release of a much more refined and well-executed Battle Royale title. We are talking, of course, about Apex Legends, and this game has a lot of features that are making the creators of Fortnite jealous. One of the features is the ability to bring back your fallen teammates via the respawn beacons – and it looks like Epic Games has already implemented the very same feature in Fortnite.

Just recently, the developers have held an AMA session on Reddit, and one of the questions among others has touched upon the respawn mechanics in Apex Legends and its possible implementation in Fortnite. Epic said that the developers are considering the feature and the players should look forward to Season 8. Now, with the official start of Season 8, it turns out that the respawn mechanics are indeed implemented in the game – although the feature stays inactive for the time being. Several buses with holograms appeared on the Fortnite’s map, and they look extremely similar to respawn beacons in Apex Legends.

Dataminers have since found a few sound files regarding the so-called “Second Chance Machine”, which is obviously the aforementioned respawn bus. This is not the only addition to Fortnite taken straight from Apex Legends. There’s also a shallow implementation of ping system, which allows you to mark specific spots and/or enemies but can’t be used for any other purposes (like marking items, asking for ammo, etc.) The system also lacks the voiceover.


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