ENCE triumph at StarSeries i-League Season 6

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ENCE triumph at StarSeries i-League Season 6

Finnish five defeated Russian-Ukraine squad in Grand Final

One of the biggest events in CIS region, StarSeries i-League Season 6, came to conclusion a day ago, and we saw a pretty stunning grand final with two unexpected teams from Europe. Actually the whole playoff stage was very unusual. Favourites of the tournaments such as mousesport, BIG or compLexity (all of them were at FACEIT Major London 2018) failed really hard, especially European giant Mousesport as they won ESL New York just a week ago. But it's Counter Strike, every tournament is different and you start from scratch. Same for everyone.

This time it was the underdog of the entire event, ENCE’s new Finnish lineup, with their captain and a well-known sniper (previously wearing NiP and FaZe jerseys) Aleksi “Allu” Jalli leading the young squad to their first big triumph. Their opponents, Vega Squadron, defeated American NRG 2-1 in semifinals and booked a ticket to the best-of-five Grand Final here in Kiev.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, it was a beautiful grand final with all five maps been played. First it was de_train (very suitable map for snipers on CT-side) which Vega won with most tight result 16:14. On the second map it was a very different story. Finnish five dictated the dynamic of entire map and won de_inferno 16:6. Moving on to de_dust2, Russians started playing more aggressively, which almost stopped ENCE, but unfortunately for the Russians it was Suomi once again who took the lead 2-1. On de_mirage we witnessed a great hold by Vega Squadron on their CT side, which took us to the final map de_overpass. The last map of the tournament was in full control of ENCE from the start. Despite to a losing halfbuy in the third round, Finns ended up with 12:3 half and the rest is now history. Sergej and co. eventually won 16:9 and are the new champions of StarSeries i-League Season 6 and coming home with $125,000. 

If you missed it, here are the VODs of all maps played during the grand final.

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