Emotions from WEplay! - Reshuffle Madness

Oct 04 2018 3 min read

Emotions from WEplay! - Reshuffle Madness ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Reshuffle Madness tournament presented a huge amount of emotions to the entire community of Dota 2 and we decided to capture the event's most interesting moments in the special report. Burn in hell, the monotonous tournament's organization! It's not our profile, our mission is to pamper community. Here we go.

What happens on WePlay streams between games - some heavy drug addiction. #digagain

Yeah. That's Gorilla from WePlay streams!

What's happening? I'm scared. @WePlayNewmedia, he is not coming to my house, is he? I have no bananas!

Another joke from PGG. This time it was about sheep. (PGG is famous for his jokes and this one was about the similarity between black and white sheep)

Decided to take a look at WePlay stream and their DJ is on fire. I'm not a prude and have nothing against something new. But I was clicking on Na'Vi vs Ferzee and saw a DJ set.

 P.S. DJ is cool 

Bungalow style of WePlay's studio. I love it.  

It is possible that the players also wanted to enjoy a vacation in a bungalow on a sandy beach. Unfortunately, you need to play matches! 

Ferzee still in action #ReshuffleMadness. Have some work to do.

I'm very bad on Earthshaker. What a shock… 

We would be very nasty guys if we forgot about our adorable Twitch chat.

(WePlay! organizers are awesome!)

(Thank you for a serious and innovative approach)

(The studio was really cool, good job!)

(Thank you for the variety)

(I remember your previous tournament; it was a failure. And this one is just super. Cool atmosphere, cool studio, cool monkey. At first, it was shocking, but we have been singing songs against the monkey’s background for several days with my wife and constantly adding the word “Again” to any action.)


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