EHOME drops out of ESL One NY

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Due to time constrains EHOME has only managed to obtain visas for two of their players, resulting in their decision to withdraw from ESL One NY.

Visa issues strike again in the Dota2 professional scene, this time, EHOME has failed to obtain visas for three of their five players due to time constraints. Regarding this issue, EHOME has release a statement on their Weibo.

As of writing of this article, a replacement for EHOME has not been announced by the ESL One NY organizers.

Translation of EHOME's statement:

"We regret to announce that due to time constraints we have failed to make a visa appointment for Kaka, Oldchicken and BoA. The state of things give us no choice but to drop out of ESL One NY. We apologize to the fans of EHOME and to the organizers; we are currently trying our best to secure our visas for the Nanyang Championships."


In addition to the statement EHOME released, EHOME has released another post detailing the reasons for the failure to secure a visa for three of their players.

The team qualified for the event on the 23rd of September and were expected to fly to the US on the 1st of October. Things would have been fine but, the US embassy closed on the 26th-28th and 30th of September due to it being a public holiday in China. This left EHOME with the 24th, 25th and 29th to obtain a visa. On the 24th and 25th, the players on EHOME were unable to consolidate the necessary documents for a visa application in time; the organization also failed to get an appointment on the 29th., leaving them no choice but to withdraw from ESL One NY.


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