Earn achievement in The Stanley Parable by not playing the game

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Stanley Parable finally lets you get the “don’t play for five years” achievement

The “don’t play for five years” achievement finally became obtainable

On October 17, 2013 new adventure game called The Stanley Parable was released on Steam. Besides the other things, one of the features was an achievement called “Go Outside” which requires (now listen very carefully) NOT playing the game for FIVE freaking years. Yeah, you hear right. 

Are you confused? I was too. Let me explain.

There are ways around time-based achievements. For example, it’s very easy to earn The Stanley Parable’s Commitment achievement, which requires playing the game for an entire Tuesday, by fiddling around with their computer’s clock. However, if you wanna earn another achievement called “Go Outside” you have to stop playing this game and come back 5 years later to really get it. As in other games, there are people who want  the achievement earlier and will cheat to get it. You just need to convince your computer it’s five years in the future, right? That would explain why 7.4 percent of players have achieved what was supposedly unachievable until now.

Starting from yesterday (October 17), cheating is no longer necessary. If a player purchased The Stanley Parable on the day it launched on Steam, opened it and fiddled around before closing it again, he will get it.

Game creator Davey Wreden reminded the whole thing in twitter post:

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