EA Reveals Improvements Made In Battlefield: Hardline Since Beta

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EA has made some changes after beta-testing of the game based on gamers' feedback 





Considering the problems the Battlefield series has had in the online area recently, EA made a smart move by hosting an extensive beta with the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline. It seems they are taking the results to heart, as they recently revealed in their official blog some of the changes that the beta directly induced. Time will tell if it is enough to win back some of the fans alienated from the Battlefield 4 issues, but let’s examine some of the feedback EA received, how they addressed and what it could mean for the series.


A lot of the changes came on the front end. For those who complained that the game seemed a bit slow, player and vehicle speed has been increased 10%, with an extra 10% for players carrying a pistol. The team also reduced the amount of camera sway, which was a common criticism of the beta. The customization screen, which was originally over-cluttered, has been simplified a bit, giving you the same number of options while making them easier to find.


I’m interested in the changes made to the vehicles. The dynamic between ground troops and those using vehicles has always been a trump card of sorts for the Battlefield series, so it’s nice to see them shore up any weaknesses they saw in that area. A lot of feedback in the forums indicated that, in addition to the aforementioned slowness of the vehicles, they were too easy to destroy. The dev team has fixed that, as well providing a “sweet spot” to take out heavier vehicles so as to not overpower them.


In addition to these changes, you will also see:

  • An enhanced mechanic class with more perks and skills
  • More interactive objects, such as doors and lockers
  • Longer round times for Heist and Blood Money
  • A cleaner mini-map
  • A better system of locating objectives, particularly those higher in elevation than you
  • Better audio cues
  • An overhaul of the interrogation mechanic, which many claimed was a bit overpowered
  • A much-needed nerfing of survivalist (an item that allows you to revive yourself).


The nerfing of survivalist is quite interesting, as it now only works if you die from an explosion, road kill or other environmental death. Killing a player with your gun only to have him revive himself is super frustrating. Battlefield: Hardline is expected to release March 17th on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.



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