E3 2019: Project Awakening - Cygames share new details

Jun 13 2019 2 min read

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At E3 2019, Fextralife was able to get more information about Project Awakening from Cygames. During the interview it was discovered the game is a title the company hopes will give them a firm footing in the Western market. 

Project Awakening will feature an open-world with 4 - 12 player co-op, set in an “orthodox high fantasy” world. While trying not to give away too much, the Cygames producer explained how they want the game to focus on players teaming up to fight battles in a world akin to Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings. 

When asked if the game would be story-driven or focused on gameplay, he replied, “Both. Trying to find a middle way there… Balancing it out, somewhere in the middle.” Regarding what platforms it would be released on, he added, “As new as possible and as broad as possible. That's not really our goal, but if it happens a new generation comes out and [our game] is still in development, then yes.”

The game’s combat will feature big boss battles like seen in the trailer and its scope will be close in size to games like Skyrim. This scope entails not just the size of the game world but also the amount of things players can do within it. It's also refreshing to know that Project Awakening will be seamless. The game will have multiple classes with lots of gear, but won't necessarily have guilds. 

Many things are still being ironed out though, like the presence of magic and guns in the game. He also describes an interesting progression system in which player action would determine character growth, such as constant use of one weapon attributing to specific stat gains. Even the name is just a placeholder. 

It seems like the Project Awakening still has a while to go but with regard to a release date, I'll leave you with Cygames reply. “That might take some time. To give you a bigger picture, Cygames’ company slogan is “The best content and entertainment.” So we are always aiming to bring the user high quality and products they can enjoy. Once we think we have put something together that can be enjoyed by the users, we will release it. But right now we are not at this stage. Probably next year.”

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