Dust 2 map might get a bit more magical

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The mod creators showed a popular CS:GO map with new effects

Lewis Palfrey and Luke Millanta, Mod creators working on improved special effects, published a new package in Steam Workshop. Esentially, the packets includes mods that randomly activate weather effects on Dust 2 in the beginning of a round (although there're the same modes for Cache, Mirage and Overpass).

The weather patterns included in the mod:

- Thunderstorm (heavy rain, low visibility, puddles, frequent lightning, storm clouds) 
- Heavy rain (heavy rain, medium visibility, puddles, occasional lightning, storm clouds) 
- Light rain (light rain, normal visibility, puddles, no lightning, storm clouds) 
- Heavy sandstorm (low visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky) 
- Medium sandstorm (medium visibility, dust in atmosphere, sandstorm sky) 
- Light sandstorm (good visibility, sandstorm sky) 
- Heavy fog (low visibility, overcast sky) 
- Light fog (medium visibility, overcast sky) 
- After Rain (normal environment with puddles) 
- Default (everything normal) 

The devs have been creating this mode for 4 years, working their butts off. As they describe the mode, "These maps represent an attempt to change weather throughout a game and were made to simply demonstrate what is possible using the Source engine".

Right now it's not sure if we are ever going to see this in the game. If the day comes Valve approves this, it's probably going to impact CS:GO in a big way. 

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