DrHippi defeats Georgec, takes HCT European Summer Championship

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The Ukranian DrHippi has earned the $25,000 grand prize and a spot at the Hearthstone World Championship

Virtus.pro's Artem "DrHippi" Kravets defeated 15-year-old wunderkind George “Georgec” Connolly 4-2 in the Grand Final of the HCT European Summer Championship 2016, earning a spot at the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon.

Both players had made it to previous European championships earlier this year, Georgec getting eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Spring Championship, while DrHippi made it all to the Grand Final of the Winter Championship where he came in second to Ole "Naiman" Batyrbekov.

As well, both went undefeated in the double-elimination Summer Preliminaries and enjoyed easy paths to the Grand Final in the championship. On Saturday, Georgec swept Florian “Cerasi” Bär 4-0 in the quarterfinals and followed it up with a 4-2 victory against Bartłomiej "ikealyou" Zawadzki in the semis on Sunday.

DrHippi defeated the bombastic Greek, Giorgos “Likeabawse” Papadimitrakopoulos, 4-2 in the quarters and the French Loïc “Dizdemon” Poulain 4-2 in the semis.

The match began with DrHippi's Tempo Mage against Georgec's signature Freeze Mage. Hippi put out some early pressure with coining out two Mana Wyrms in Turn 1 and forced Georgec to conceded in Turn 9 after he ran out of freezes without enough burn to close it out against Hippi’s heavy board.

The Freeze Mage pick haunted Georgec for the next two games as he fell over and over again to Hippi’s Midrange Shaman and Token Druid. Down 3-0, The Freeze Mage finally came through with a win on Hippi’s Miracle Rogue. He was able to get another win on the Miracle Rogue thanks to the unrelenting pressure of his Shaman and Hippi’s poor opening hand.

While the young Brit did not go gently into the good night, Georgec fell for the fourth and final time in Game Six as his Hunter fell to a Leeroy+Eviscerate combo in Turn 9.

The Ukranian DrHippi has not only earned the $25,000 grand prize, but a chance for a rematch against his winter rival, and Virtus.pro teammate, Naiman, at the Hearthstone World Championship in November.


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