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Today (on November 28, 2013) one of the biggest events of e-sports - DreamHack Winter 2013 – begins.

Today (on November 28, 2013) one of the biggest events of e-sports - DreamHack Winter 2013 – begins. It will be held in Jonkoping (Sweden) and will include a lot of game disciplines, but we will talk about League of Legends here.

Two teams were invited to the tournament and six teams more had to get there through qualifications, consequently forming eight teams-participants of tournament.

Initially it was known that the following six teams will participate in the tournament:

1. Copenhagen Wolves (invited team, Champions of DreamHack Summer);
2. H2K-Gaming (invited team, Champions of DreamHack Bucharest);
3. SK-Gaming (online qualification, Europe West);
4. Ninjas in Pyjamas (online qualification, Europe West);
5. Storm Games Clan (online qualification, Europe East);
6. Ultra Vires (online qualification, Europe East).

But, unfortunately, three teams could not get to DreamHack Winter 2013, that’s why the organizers have replaced these teams (Copenhagen Wolves, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Ultra Vires) by Team Property, Tricked eSport and LowLandLions. The final three teams received their seeds after some negotiations with the invited teams.

Today (on November 28) the well-known BYOC qualifications will take place, and their results will determine two more teams. And two days later, on November 30, the final of DreamHack Winter 2013 will be held, where we’ll be able to see the winners of this tournament.

We’d like to remind you that DreamHack Winter 2013 will be held on 3.13 patch, as 3.14 still has some problems. However, Syndra and Olaf will be turned off, also organizers recommend not to use Evelynn and Nocturne in the games because of some problems.

You can follow all the tournament events on the official DreamHack channel - http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhacklol.


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