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DreamHack Open ZOWIE Summer takes place in Jönköping, Sweden and will last three days, June 18 to June 20. The prize fund of the tournament is $100,000

One of the biggest tournaments of this summer - DreamHack Open ZOWIE Summer - is happening this weekend in Jönköping, Sweden. The tournament features 8 teams that will fight for a share of the $100,000 prize fund and will last three days, June 18 to June 20.

So we gathered all the necessary information in one place so you could enjoy the amazing matches without having to look for information all over the internet.

You can watch the stream here:

Two groups of four teams will kick things off in a GSL format where the opening and the winners' matches will be best-of-ones while the elimination and the decider matches will be played as a best-of-three.

DreamHack Open ZOWIE Summer groups: 

Group A Group B

The top two squads from each group will advance to the single elimination best-of-three playoffs.


Saturday, June 18
14:40 Show Start

 Astralis vs.
 ENCE [1:0]
 NiP vs.
 Epsilon [1:0]
 Immortals vs.
 SK [0:1]
 HellRaisers vs.
 GODSENT [0:1]
21:00 Group A winners' match 
 Astralis vs. 
 SK [1:0]
22:30 Group B winners' match 
 NiP vs. 

Sunday, June 19
11:40 Show Start
12:00 Group A elimination match 

 ENCE vs. 
 Immortals [0:2]
15:00 Group B elimination match
 Epsilon vs. 
 HellRaisers [2:0]
18:00 Group A decider match 
 SK vs.
 Immortals [1:2]
21:00 Group B decider match 
 NiP vs.
 Epsilon [2:0]

Monday, June 20
10:30 Show Start
11:00 Semifinal #1 

14:30 Semifinal #2 
 Astralis vs. 
 NiP [1:2]
19:00 Grand final - 
 Immortals vs. 
 NiP [2:0]

Here is the breakdown of the $100,000 prize pool:


 Immortals - $50,000
 NiP - $20,000
 Astralis / 
GODSENT - $10,000
 SK / 
 Epsilon - $3,000
 ENCE / 
 HellRaisers - $2,000

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