DreamHack Masters Malmö qualifier details announced

Aug 26 2019 2 min read

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DreamHack has revealed new details regarding the open and closed qualifiers for its upcoming Masters event. 

DreamHack Masters Malmö will have three regional qualifiers representing Europe, North America/Latin America and Oceania, with each offering a single slot to the main event. Each group will consist of four invited teams and four admitted through the open qualifier, making a total of eight.  Here are the groups and the teams invited to them:

European closed qualifiers

  1. Mousesports 
  2. CR4ZY
  3. Heroic  
  4. Tricked Esports 

North America/Latin America closed qualifier 

  1. Complexity Gaming 
  2. Team Envy
  3. eUnited
  4. Renegades

Oceania closed qualifier

  1. Avant Gaming
  2. Chiefs Esports Club
  3. Grayhound Gaming 
  4. ORDER. 

The open qualifiers will be held from September 9-10, featuring a best-of-one, single-elimination bracket. The top four teams will then progress to the closed qualifiers which will run from September 11-16 and will feature a best-of-three, double-elimination bracket.

Here's the schedule for the closed qualifiers:

Wednesday, September 11

  • 15:00 - Upper bracket, round-of-eight | Bo3
  • 18:00 - Upper bracket, round-of-four | Bo3
  • 21:00 - Group A lower bracket, round-of-four | Bo3

Thursday, September 12

  • 15:00 - Group B lower bracket, round-of-four | Bo3
  • 18:00 - Upper bracket, round-of-two | Bo3
  • 21:00 - Group A lower bracket, round-of-two | Bo3

Monday, September 16

  • 18:00 - Group B lower bracket, round-of-two | Bo3
  • 21:00 - Grand final | Bo5

All the times above apply to each region's local time zone (CEST, ET and AEST, respectively).

The main event features a $250,000 prize pool and will be held from October 1-6 at MalmöMässan for the group stage and Malmö Arena for the playoffs. 


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