DreamHack fails to provide SC2 Pros with spots at WCS Montreal

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While the tournament is stacked with relatively unknown players, DreamHack can’t find seeds for Pros.

This weekend StarCraft II fans from all over the world will be following DreamHack Montreal, which is one of the 3 most important tournaments in WCS Circuit. This tournament allows players cumulate many WCS points needed to qualify for Blizzcon at the end of the season.

 Technically, admission to WCS tournaments is open, but DreamHack provides a limited number of spots. This system spawned problems in the past, but they used to be resolved without severe incidents and much public knowledge.

 This time though, well established professional players aren’t sure whether they will play at all, despite signing up for the event and booking flight tickets. A couple of days ago prominent Polish player Nerchio tweeted:


Fortunately, Nerchio has been seeded to one of the groups in the first stage of the tournament and will start playing shortly. Not everyone is so lucky, though.

 Turns out, Dreamhack team is in a rough place with WCS player spots. They have been sending letters to players, asking them to forfeit their seed in exchange for a ticket to DreamHack (as a viewer):


 The groups of the first stage of WCS Montreal have been announced and there are still some prominent players missing. For example, Namshar, a professional Swedish player, yesterday tweeted that he is boarding soon, but still not sure whether he would be playing in the tournament:

Another prominent player missing from every group stage is Reynor, who has been one of the hottest rising stars of SC2 this year. We can’t confirm that Reynor was planning to go to WCS Montreal, but, if the trip weren't planned, his team Exeed Esports would likely have made an official announcement.

We’ve reached Namshar and asked him about the situation, here is what he said:

— I’m trying to stay hopeful that a few spots will open up. What I’ve been told is just that I gotta wait until the check-in closes at 12:45 (18:45 CEST) and hope for the best.

 We also hope that Namshar and the rest of the professional players get a seed at the tournament.



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