#DramaAlert: Washington D.C. OWL team GM responds to accusations of wrongdoing

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#DramaAlert: Washington D.C. OWL team GM responds to accusations of wrongdoing

According to Kate, the video accusing her of scams is riddled with errors and bad for every person involved.

YouTube user KINGmykL yesterday posted a video where he harshly criticizes Kate “Kate” Mitchell, the General Manager of Washington D.C. Overwatch League team. Kate allegedly made a series of promises she didn’t follow up on and as a result, many people lost their jobs or were left without a team.

 According to KINGmykL, Washington D.C. GM offered a job to a current San Francisco Shock OWL team employee named Harsha Bandi. Once Harsha left his former job, Kate retracted the offer without a “specified reason” and “practically cut him off”. In another part of the video, the author shared the story of Last Night's Leftovers members, who refrained from trying out for other professional teams since they were promised a spot in Washington DC.

 Today Kate reacted to KINGmykL’s accusations on Twitter:

Unfortunately, she didn’t provide any details as to where the video is wrong, and what really happened in any of the cases.

 Corey "Sit" Scoda‏ from Last Night's Leftovers decided to support Kate, who, apparently, is being harassed:

Seems like Sit is the only person, who came to Kate’s defence openly and we can’t confirm if everyone who she has been working with were deceived.

 It’s also fair to note that KINGmykL never gave Kate the benefit of the doubt, saying that she has “been doing this all off-season long”, promising player positions and staff roles, although they’ve “all been empty promises”. Each OWL team involves a lot of pressure from sponsors to make different choices and Kate might not be able to explain each of her picks without breaking an NDA.


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