Drainys critisized the organization of GLL Season 2

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Sometimes bad things just happen

Svyatoslav 'Drainys' Komissarov from Natus Vincere criticized the organization of GLL Season 2. It seems like the organizers messed up with names and surnames of the players, which led to difficulties with the registration for the whole team.

We arrived at the airport and realised that GLL bought tickets for us not by name and surname, but vice versa. And we were told: "Sorry but you are not registered and are not recorded in the database"... I had to find out where the tickets were, why I wasn't registered for the flight and etc. And POKAMOLODOY literally flew from Rostov to Moscow, then to Riga and from Riga to Stockholm. With all the problems with the name what was the chance that his luggage could have been lost? I think — very high.

Sometimes bad things just happen. In January 2018, a similar situation happened to the manager of Team Kazakhstan, Moon 'Moon' Lim: because of an error of WESG translator, the travel agent wasn't informed that Lim would like to fly with the team. In addition, the players were distributed on two return flights, violating the terms of a group visa to China and the whole roaster had to re-book the tickets. The organizers decided to deduct this value from the prize money by the way.

Global Loot League Season 2 starts today, August 10 in Stockholm at the Nobelberget arena. Sixteen teams from the CIS, Europe and North America will play for $ 100,000.

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