DotA2. Overview of the events for the week.

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Our heading "Top-5 Weekly" is with you again. Here we review the most interesting events of the last week.

New week has already started. And it means that it’s the time for our heading "Top-5 Weekly". We continue to choose the most interesting events of the last week. Fasten your seatbelts, let’s hit the road!

5. Will The International have 4 qualifying tournament?

Cyborgmatt has recently thrown one more mini-bomb. In a review of the new patch Briton mentioned that the main tournament of the year will possibly have 4 different qualifying tournaments. Separate qualifications will be held for Europe, America, China and Southeast Asia. This arrangement seems quite reasonable: therefore different teams will not have problems with ping, and competitive principle will be fully respected.

4. WePlay.TV staff will participate in Staff Cup!

Another Staff Cup has been announced not so long ago. Employees of various e-sports portals are taking part in this tournament. WePlay.TV staff is in the list of invited teams! Hireling, LighTofHeaveN, bowbow, WarLocK and MblCb will be fighting for victory, but they will have quite serious rivals: for example, Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen will play in Toby "TobiWan" Dawson’s team, and Ernar 'Mantis' Uzurbaiev will play for GosuGamers. Date and time of tournament’s beginning will be announced later, but we wish good luck to the guys even now!

3. ChuaN returns to Invictus Gaming.

Having spent a long time in an inactive condition, the world champion Wong 'ChuaN' Hock Chuan returns to Invictus Gaming! In general, Chinese reshuffle has become the main event of the week, and the other one is waiting for you further. Concerning iG-2014, intentions of the team are very serious. Now the time of major tournaments is coming, and it means that not much time is left to wait!

2. Sad Boys become Evil Geniuses.

SAD BOYS team, which has burst into e-sports Olympus recently, has already found a powerful sponsor organization. Now players will play under the tag of Evil Geniuses. EG division on Dota 2 had an unlucky period: changes in line-up did not lead to consistently good results, and it resulted in the acquisition of new team which showed a proper spirit. Let’s note that two players of SAD BOYS already played in Evil Geniuses. Thus, we can assume that Fear and Universe have become the nucleus of EG.Dota 2, and the organization has built a team around these two players.

1. Dream Team will play under the tag of Team NewBee.

A mysterious "Dream Team" was the main intrigue of Chinese reshuffle.  There were rumors that the son of Chinese billionaire will get the control over the five first-class players. At a certain time there were talks about ChuaN, Faith, Zhou, but, as we know, the first two are in iG, and Zhou retired. So the current line-up is as follows: Xiao8, Mu, Hao, ZSMJ, KingJ, and team will play under the tag of Team NewBee. Will this team be successful or not? We will know the answer in the nearest future.

Stay with us, we continue to keep abreast of major events! See you at "Top-5 Weekly" in 7 days!

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