DotA2. Overview of the events for the week.

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Good afternoon, dear friends! Our heading "Top-5 Weekly" is with you again.

Good afternoon, dear friends! Our heading "Top-5 Weekly" is with you again. Here we review the most interesting events of the last week. Fasten your seatbelts, let’s hit the road!

5. Empire wins CIS Carnage.

The tournament organized by Ivan 'pingeee' Nikiforov, unfortunately, did not pass without scandals. First there was the accusation of Next.Kz in foul play, and then - questions to Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich, who played as a substitute in two different teams and was considered by a number of people as a very strong trump card in the deck of participants of this tournament. Whatever it was, Team Empire and Relax met in the final of this CIS tournament. Empire was stronger and won with the score 2:1, having earned as a result $ 2500. Power Rangers closed the top three of winners.

4. Netolic Pro League 5 was announced.

Notorious Marco Fernandez returns with his Netolic Pro League! Two divisions (Eastern and Western), an opportunity for the strongest beginners to play with pro-teams, and modest initial prize pool of $ 5000, which will be replenished by interest from sales – these are the main points you need to know about this tournament. We hope that this tournament will be held without any problems.

3. MLG announced their new tournament TKO!

Today the strongest dota-teams start the battles for $ 60,000. Teams are split into two divisions: USA and Europe, and the prize pool will be divided equally between them. List of participants pleases an eye, and the format of tournament suggests a lot of matches, so you will not be bored, especially since...

2. LighTofHeaveN is returning as a streamer of WePlay.TV!

The long-awaited surprise was announced yesterday by our portal: we will cover MLG TKO, and the world champion Dmitriy 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov will make a company to Denis 'Hireling' Shubovskiy! Commentation will not be something new for Dmitriy, he has already tried himself at this position during The International 3, and showed himself very worthy! Follow our broadcasts of MLG tournament, and you will not be bored for sure!

1. Patch 6.80 has been already released in the end of January!

In the last review I’ve made a mistake: patch was released not on February 7, but the week earlier! I do not think that this fact disappointed someone, and I hope you have already been able to evaluate the two new characters, Random Ability Draft mode and spring modification of map! It remains only to wait for the appearance of Year Beast - the main boss of New Bloom event! Valve once again did an excellent job, so I wish good luck to all of you and enjoyable game in Dota 2!

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