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Our heading "Top-5 Weekly" is with you again. Here we review the most interesting events of the last week.

Good afternoon, dear friends! Our heading "Top-5 Weekly" is with you again. Here we review the most interesting events of the last week. Fasten your seatbelts, let’s hit the road!

5. Dota 2 in China lags significantly behind League of Legends.

Last week statistics for the autumn 2013 was published. According to information provided by the largest network of Internet cafes in China, in November 2013, on average, 50.000 players played Dota 2 daily. For comparison, 1.4 million players play LoL every day. This gap can be attributed to the recent release of game in China, but statistics is dispiriting. We are waiting for updated data for the winter period.

4. Mouz loses its Dota line-up.

Last week it was announced about the termination of Mousesports cooperation with its Dota line-up. And it’s still not quite clear who was the initiator of contracts’ breaking, but now we will have the possibility to see Mini playing under the tag of Team Life. We wish good luck to the team in a search of new home.

3 . Scandal at CIS Carnage: Next.KZ is under attack.

Unpleasant situation happened during CIS Carnage tournament: before the game “Next.KZ vs. Relax” several bookmaker offices sent signals about the possibility of fixed match. Kazakhstan team, being among the favorites, was simply smashed by the team of Andrei “Dread” Golubev. Naturally, a lot of charges of Next’s unfair game started immediately. However, eventually the charges were dropped: Kazakhstan team was faced with a giant ping and therefore could not play normally. But, by mutual agreement with the organizers, the team left the tournament, as this story could reflect on competitive spirit.

2. KeSPA recognizes Dota 2 and takes matters into its own hands.

Korean e-sports association recognized Dota 2 and since now will officially hold tournaments in the country of morning freshness. This step promises huge prospects for Korean Dota-stage. All that remains for us is to wait for improving of Korean teams’ playing level, and it is just a matter of time.

1. New patch from Valve: 6.80, Terrorblade and a new mode!

Announcement of the global patch called New Bloom became the main news of the last seven days. The most important changes: appearance of a new hero - Terrorblade, a new mode of random abilities, changes of balance in accordance with the version 6.80! We have to wait just a bit, the patch will be released on February 7!

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