DotA2. Overview of the events for the week.

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Our heading "Top-5 events of the last week" is back after Christmas holidays again.

Our heading "Top-5 events of the last week" is back after Christmas holidays again. Today we review the most interesting events that have occurred in the beginning of 2014. Are you ready? Let's go!


5. ceases to exist.


The project, which started in 2012, could not achieve success. The idea to invite five European players to China for training and preparation for The International has failed. A notable consequence was that Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier moved to South Korea to look for a gaming refuge.


4. Alliance is under crisis.


Swedish champions The Alliance cannot manage to win already during several big tournaments. This time in the finals of D2L, which were held in Las Vegas, Loda and co. took the 4th place having lost to Fnatic, which played with two substitutions. Team manager has already announced that there will be changes in the team, but five current players will remain the same. Perhaps we will see a change of roles. How it will be, we will see in the nearest future.



3. Virtus.Pro: another change in line-up and return of NS.


Bears continue their search for the optimal line-up. At the end of 2013 it was announced about the leaving of Dmitry 'LightOfHeaveN' Kupriyanov. Substitution for his position was found rather quickly: after 40 days of "retirement" Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov is coming back to Virtus.Pro line-up. Did repose redound to our legendary support’s advantage? The answer to this question we will get soon.


2. DK shows the character and wins the WPC-ACE.


Final of WPC-ACE, which was held in the format of Best Of 7, attracted great interest. Firstly, the opposition till 4 won maps sets the new standards in endurance for e-sports players, and secondly, the sign DK - iG attracted great attention and promised a first-class show.


Teams didn’t deceive the expectations! iG won the first 3 maps, after this the organizers decided to give time for a respite. After the break DK mobilized energy and managed to win four maps in a row! Upon the final LanM let off steam and broke the monitor with the keyboard. But it did not spoil the mood of the team, which won $ 165,000!




1. LGD wins D2L in Las Vegas.


Last week the tournament Dota 2 League finished. Final was held in Las Vegas - the gaming capital of the USA. We have already written about Alliance’s misfortune, so let’s mention the other three teams participating in the tournament: Vici Gaming, and Fnatic. The last one managed to reach the grand final and earn $ 15,000 with two substitutions (H4NN1 and Era couldn’t attend the tournament for various reasons, so they were substituted by DeMoN and Aui_2000). Vici Gaming defeated Swedes from Alliance, but it was the end of their success: they took the third place and won $ 7,500. LGD lost only two maps within the whole tournament (one to VG and one to Fnatic). They took the first place quite confidently and got $ 25,000.


It was the beginning of 2014, but the most interesting events are still ahead. Stay with us!


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