Dota WTF showed the Battle Pass' drums bug

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Dota WTF showed the Battle Pass' drums bug

Witch Doctor rules the game, too

Yesterday a new video was released on adored by many players Dota Watafak Youtube channel. As usual, it contains the funniest, ridiculous or surprising moments from matches of players from around the world.

This time the new item from The International Battle Pass 2019, Drums of War, especially distinguished itself. It was found that Templar Assassin can increase the attack range, having the Psi Blade effect, shooting the enemy from afar, with the help of Drums of War.

This bug was discovered after the release of the new Battle Pass and is still not fixed. Moreover, players discuss another effect that can be played using Drums. Templar Assassin can remain invisible from Meld to the end of the match due to the unusual interaction with the "Drums of War".

Usually, Meld subsides as soon as the hero moves or hits the opponent. If you strike the first blow at a predetermined "Drum of War", invisibility will continue until the next attack. At the same time, Templar Assassin can use any items without losing the effect of Meld. The bug also works with other heroes who have attack modifiers. By the way, this item was banned during MDL Disneyland® Paris Major.

We can also watch Death Ward from Witch Doctor in the video. Chen has used Penitence ability that improved Witch Doctor's attack speed and slowed Ursa. And as we all remember: Witch Doctor puts Death Ward - scatter away from each other. Unfortunately, Ursa forgot about this, rushed to the teammates for help, framed the whole team by that and gave several kills to the enemy support.

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