Dota Underlords - The Big Update part six

Oct 23 2019 2 min read

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The next Dota Underlords preview introduces us to our first Underlord, the fairy Hobgen. He seems to have a huge love for settings on fire, his teammates included.  

Every Underlord has a set of abilities that use a resource called Hype. They also have Talents which are used to upgrade Underlord abilities. Every neutral round from round 10 will provide players with a selection of Talents to choose from. At round 20, players also get to pick one of two ultimates. Here's Hobgen's kit:


  • Explosivo! lobs a fireball at a target which sets it and adjacent units on fire. Damage dealt is split evenly among them. 

  • Super-Charged has Hobgen charge an ally who he sets aflame, granting them increased attack speed. 

  • Hobgen's Passive sets all enemies he attacks on fire. He generates Hype passively and receives extra for every enemy on fire.


Let's Go Crazy

Hobgen gains Super-Charged and continuously targets allies that aren't on fire. 

Friendly Fire

Hobgen's friends throw bombs into the battlefield, damaging enemy units. 


Each Underlord has over 20 Talents to unlock and choose from. We were given a look at four of Hobgen's. 

  • Grease Fire upgrades Explosivo! so that he gains 1 Hype per unit in the blast. 

  • Implosion doubles the effect of Explosivo! on the main target. 

  • Kabloom causes Super-Charged units to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies and setting them on fire. 

  • Hot Rod enhances his Passive, giving Hobgen 10 additional attack speed per level. 

Now that we've been introduced to how Underlords function in the game, we could be seeing more than one per preview. Especially since we're getting very close to launch and have no idea how much information is still left to share. 


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