Dota Underlords: The Big Update part seven

Oct 24 2019 2 min read

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Valve has stated that this is the final Dota Underlords update before Season One goes live. It introduces us to our second Underlord, Anessix, the Mistress of Secrets. 

Anessix fits the support role quite well, providing teammates with healing and buffs while also bending enemies to her will. To top things off, she summons a Demon to do the fighting for her.


  • Anessix will passively generate Hype, gaining additional amounts for each allied Demon on the board.

  • Martyr’s Boon has Anessix take damage equal to a percentage of her maximum health while also healing allied units.

  • Pure Pain has Anessix target a random enemy who she deals pure damage to, continuously for a short time.



Anessix forces her army to attack a single target. Once the unit dies, she revives it as a companion.

Summon Demonic Golem

Anessix summons a Demonic Golem as a companion.


Just like with Hobgen, Anessix also has only four of her twenty Talents previewed.

  • Exploit Weakness upgrades Anessix’s passive by allowing her companion’s attacks to inflict 3-second Breaks on targets.

  • Phantom Pain grants her army with +2 armour per level while an enemy is afflicted by Pure Pain.

  • Transfusion has Anessix and her companion heal for the same amount of damage inflicted by Pure Pain.

  • Instant Regret gives friendly units affected by Martyr’s Boon Break their killer for the rest of the fight.

Valve stated in their post that the new release will be out as soon as they receive the go-ahead on all platforms, so it could be live any second now.


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