Dota Underlords - The Big Update part four

Oct 21 2019 2 min read

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This Dota Underlords Season One preview gives us a look at our second Ace Tier Hero. It also introduces the game’s new daily ban system, which should keep players on their toes.



Io is a Tier 3 Hero that falls into both the Primordial and Druid Alliances. Its abilities make it a great support option.

  • Relocate: This allows Io to teleport away to revive a dead Hero. Both Io and the Hero return with full health and any previous status effects removed.

  • Tether: Tether causes Io to pull itself towards the nearest allied unit. Both Io and the tethered unit gain damage reduction and attack speed, but the effect is lost if they move too far apart.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void is our second Ace Tier Hero which is a Primordial and Assassin that commands time.

  • Chronocube: This creates a rift in spacetime which stuns all units in its cubic form. While in the cube, Faceless Void receives a buff to attack and movement speed.

  • Ace of Assassins: This gives allied Assassins a chance to dodge attacks by jumping back in time. When successful, it will entirely avoid physical and magical damage.


Every 24 hours, a couple of Heroes will be removed from the pool. The jail will help make sure the addition of Season One’s 12 new Heroes will not make ranking up more difficult. It will continually change things up since these bans will be a daily affair. 

Valve is also taking care when picking Heroes to ban so that no Alliances are left crippled as a result. For example, if an Alliance needs four Heroes to activate its ability, there will never be less than four Heroes from the Alliance on any day.

The addition of Io and Faceless Void completes the list of 12 new Heroes, so the next preview will likely focus entirely on new game systems instead. 


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