Dota Underlords: The Big Update Hotfixes

Oct 26 2019 2 min read

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The Big Update hit live servers right before the weekend, bringing loads of new content and updates. Unfortunately, they’ve also brought their own share of problems too. Since Thursday, Valve has introduced two hotfixes with the hopes of ending game crashes, providing small fixes and even some Underlord balancing.  

First Hotfix

This update provided Hobgen with a few buffs, Lowering Hype cost for Super-Charged and increasing his passive Hype generation. Anessix, on the other hand, received reduced armour and health on archer. Underlords will now pick their Ultimate over a regular ability if more than one ability is ready. Brutal units will no longer fail to attack targets and Savage units will now receive the proper buffed numbers.

The UI also receives fixes together with the Friendly Fire FX, Doom’s Doom description, and an issue regarding Outlines. Bot matches will no longer start paused by default and the notification for health regeneration on Hood of Defiance now displays.

Second Hotfixes

This update shows Hobgen even more attention, halving Friendly Fire damage for units not in the cell when the bomb hits. His drain bomb amount was also increased, Kaboom will no longer set enemies on fire after death and units will now receive proper credit for Feedback Loop damage.

Crashes fixed resulted while spectating Duos, dragging an item to a unit and Ace units escaping from jail. Treant’s Seed Leach will no longer jump to Spiderlings while Brutes no longer brutalise targets after being broken. The rest are mostly quality of life changes like Io’s Tether ability description, performance issues on iOS, talent tooltips on the scoreboard and alliance icon FX.

You can find the full list of changes here and here.


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