Dota Underlords Proto Pass — Everything you need to know

Jul 13 2019 3 min read

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Valve released the Dota Underlords Proto Pass, which heralds the future monetization system of the game.

Do I pay for anything now?
No, you don’t. It’s free for everyone.

Do I need to opt-in or apply for Dota Underlords Proto Battle Pass?
No. Every Dota Underlords player has Proto Battle Pass by default.

Can I get the new board now?
A new board unlocks at Proto Pass level 5 but it will become available in a couple of weeks.

If I invite my friends to the game, will they have Proto Pass?
Yes. Every current and future beta tester has and will have access to Proto Battle Pass.

Does it mean that I’ll have to pay to play the game in the future?
No, Dota Underlords and all the core gameplay features will remain free. In the future, Battle Pass will unlock cosmetic items and maybe additional features like party finder.

How does Dota Underlords Proto Battle Pass work?
You get daily quests, such as “Cast x amount of spells” and get rewarded XP points for finishing them. XP points give levels and levels unlock rewards.

How do I get Proto Battle Pass rewards through in bot games?
Hardcore bot-games may count towards the Proto Battle Pass progression.

You need to choose “Play for Proto Pass Progress” in the menu before starting the game.

What in-game advantages сan Proto Battle Pass give
Proto Pass rewards can’t buff your army and help you win. They are cosmetic elements and a way to give players a sense of progression in the game.

Should I expect Proto Battle Pass to work flawlessly?
No. The Dota Underlords developers are upfront with the fact that Proto Battle Pass is a test feature that will help them prepare for the official game launch.

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