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Jul 24 2019 3 min read

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Dota Underlords relies strongly on automated battles, but you can have a meaningful impact on the outcome nonetheless. There’re several key features and mechanics in the game that directly affect the success of your team on the battlefield. The most crucial one, perhaps, is the positioning of various heroes on the board depending on their abilities, effective range, etc. In this guide, we’ll try to give the best possible advice on how to correctly position your heroes in Dota Underlords.

Melee and ranged units

During the preparation stage, you have half of the board to place your heroes. It should be rather obvious that melee heroes capable of dealing high amounts of damage and withstanding the incoming one should be placed as close to the enemy half of the board as possible.

Ranged units should take one of the sides on the board because they will be mostly focusing on one enemy at a time, which is a great way to deal with your opponent’s team. Their exact placement on the board should be determined by the effective range of specific units; just make sure that your melee units block the way to your ranged fighters.

Assassins and bodyguards

Now, these units are a bit more complicated to master. To make the most use out of your assassins, you should place them as far back as you can. Since assassins tend to jump behind the enemy lines to deal damage to enemy’s ranged units protected by melee heroes, they should take farther positions to be out of enemy focus at the beginning of the round.

Opponents will also have assassins at their disposal, and you’ll need so-called bodyguards to protect your units from sneaky attacks from behind. A couple of additional melee units closer to your ranged ones should be enough to counter any assassination attempts. Moreover, you don’t need to put the strongest fighters as bodyguards – let them occupy the front line.

Dealing AOE damage

Once you have enough ranged units to focus their attacks on enemies, you’ll need something more powerful to deal with strong teams of your opponents. AOE spells provided by several units in the game have the potential to make a difference in a fight, but you’ll need to put such heroes as close to the front line as you can so that they can unleash their power in the most efficient way.

There’s another side to this story, and that should be obvious if you understand the game at least a bit. Putting AOE units closer to the front line requires additional defensive measures such as using special items to give your heroes more HP and armour. This is actually a crucial strategic point since you want AOE units to last long enough during the fight so that they can actually use their AOE spells.

Additional tips and tricks

The current meta provides a very effective way to win. There’s a positioning scheme called turtle formation, which isn’t a genius invention by any means. It consists of powerful upgraded mages surrounded by tanks, and you can both use it on your own and face it to fight against. In the latter case, there’s isn’t much you can do to counter the formation apart from implementing very specific strategies.

While you might think that having a “mirror match” with two turtle formations fighting against each other could result in a victory for you, it’s an unreliable and unpredictable strategy. What you can actually do though is to pray for the gods to grant you with a Blink Dagger – then you can equip your strongest assassin with this precious unit and put the hero as far from the enemy lines as you only can. The best-case scenario will be a successful leap behind enemy’s mages to assassinate the most powerful ranged units.

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