Dota Underlords Open Day Two — Vicious Order (EU)

Aug 02 2019 5 min read

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Oi, mates! It's day two now, d'ya hear me? In case you missed the first day, head on to Vicious Order and Crimson Gang full day reviews. By the way, Valve has released an update for Dota Underlords last night, so the battle is getting very intense! You can read our update review over here. Briefly: Brawnies rule, Observer Mode looks decent!

So it's time for the next part! In 5 games we will understand who will proceed to the Cross Group Finals

The list of participants and the results:

Dota Underlords Open Day One — Vicious Order

Sixth Game

Yesterday, snofe was quite great so he deservingly takes his first place. snofe started the game with his favourite "losing streak to farm them all" tactics. Despite Brawny's buff, the players were not exchanging their coins for them. Yes, there were some heroes on the boards, but no total dominations. snofe took the first place at the 18th round, not allowing his HP to drop lower than 73 HPs — and he went early Brawnies. New OP meta? We'll see. Rist was the lowest player of the list at Round 22 with 11 HP, got himself a 3-starred Terrorblade, then Anti Mage 3* in a few rounds, but had 6 HP left. 

A couple of nervy rounds, other players had quite calm games, but Rist was tearing everyone apart with TB3*. But maxbringtheaxe's Chaos Knight 3 has tanked him well, making Rist lose the Aegis, while NiroTime was the first to be kicked out. But in the next round, the 31st, Rist was defeated. 

Goddamn Aegis! © SUNSfan

It was a pretty close endgame with a dramatic fight between Ciaoknives and Cmel. The latter was victorious. Brawnies? Nah, Knights rule! Joel Larsson was right.

Game 6 VoD:

Seventh Game 

While some boys were getting 2-starred heroes, NiroTime tried to accomplish losing streak money boost tactics. snofe was the first player to leave the battle even with a fast level three Axe because he has lost too much HP. maxbringstheaxe has occupied the first place somewhere in the middle of the game, playing his game properly until the very last round. Brawnies? Nah, Hunters. 

Game 7 VoD:

Eighth Game

maxbringtheaxe is doing some great stuff. He plans his game well and doesn't lose HP point to have extra money. By level 10, he was the only player who did not lose health. Seven consecutive victories allowed him to get a good start with many Elusive heroes.

NiroTime showed the power of the Force Staff pushing the enemy Assassins from the rear, but Cmel who decided to play with healthy and strong heroes was in a disgusting position losing nine rounds in a row. By round 21, he only had 29 health points left.

Aegis has become a fairly popular choice in the tournament. It allows you to live a few extra rounds, and in the eighth game, we once again became convinced of this. Cmel was supposed to leave the game first, but he lasted three more rounds and survived three opponents. 

By the 33rd round, the final four came up with a different balance: maxbringtheaxe had 43 health points, snofe had 28 hp, and Ciaoknives and NiroTime had less than a ten. Despite such a large initial lag, Ciaoknives, thanks to his three-star Luna with the Mask of Madness and Chaos Knight 3*, was able to win several rounds in a row, showing that Knights rule.

Game 8 VoD:

Ninth Game

By the fourth round, Cmel received a couple of two-starred Bounty Hunters, but NiroTime had the ideal start: he immediately performed a winning streak of eight rounds. His economic gap was followed by Ciaoknives, but he couldn't manage to get it more than seven.

By round 20, snofe has constructed a three-star Terrorblade, a serious bid to win. After that, his affairs went somewhat uphill. The first to leave the board was maxbringtheaxe, significantly complicating his table position. After Rist and Trumad dropped out, the situation became fairly even. Round 32, players from 5 to 24 health points, and the fate of the game was to be decided in detail. The three-star Slark defeated the enemy Luna, and Cmel won the ninth game.

Six applicants remained for four Cross Group Finale:

Game 9 VoD:


It all came down to the last game. Cmel, snofe and Ciaoknives already guaranteed their place in the next stage of the tournament, but maxbringtheaxe, Yca4 and NiroTime fought for the fourth ticket. All three started the decisive game well, but snofe took the initiative quickly.

The beginning of the game turned out to be fairly even: there were no obvious favourites or outsiders. After some time, maxbringtheaxe began to fade from the game. Before the 27th round, Yca4 had 31 health points, while his competitors had 6 and 2 hp! Maxbringtheaxe left the game first, and he could only pray for his rivals to fail. Unfortunately, Yca4 made it to the very end and won such an important game!

Maxbringtheaxe, Niro, Rist and Trumad leave our tournament. Many thanks to them and good luck in future!

So, with ten games in the past, Cmel, snofe, Ciaoknives and Yca4 proceed into Cross Group Finals:

Game 10 VoD:

Now, see you at the Crimson Gang stream.


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