Dota Underlords' latest patch lays foundation for "The Big Update"

Sep 13 2019 2 min read

Dota Underlords' latest patch lays foundation for "The Big Update" ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Valve recently updated Dota Underlords with a relatively small patch which brings changes to T4 units, 3 heroes and 2 Alliances. In an additional blog post they also explain why the patch is so small and what they've got planned for the near future. 

The next major patch coming to the game has been named The Big Update, representing one of the last milestones in the Dota Underlords road map to Season One. Currently scheduled for an early October release, it will feature 2 playable Underlords, 6 new Heroes, 3 new Alliances, the Duos team mode and an updated UI. 

Shortly after The Big Update, Valve will officially launch the game and Season One with the addition of 2 more Underlords, the City Crawl and the Battle Pass. 

These updates are so large because the features are connected functionally and visually, so the decision was made to ship them all at once instead of piecemeal over a period of time. Hence the recent small update. Smaller patches should be expected leading up to The Big Update, but they will only focus on bugfixes and balancing. 

Patch notes

For the Heroes, Arc Warden gets a nerf to maximum health, while Disruptor's ace effect gets an updated tooltip. Also, Enigma's ace effect will now prevent gaining mana from attacks while Hexed, Silenced or Stunned.

As for Alliance changes, Warlock Alliance healing also sees a nerf while Assassin targets that suffer critical strikes will now receive 50% and 100% less healing. 

Lastly regarding gameplay changes, T4 units have a 5% less chance to appear from level 6 to 8. 


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