Dota Underlords: How to win?

Jul 05 2019 3 min read

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We have already written about all the basic aspects of Dota Underlords mechanics that may be incomprehensible to beginners. You can follow the tag right above to find more articles that might be useful. Now we'll take a closer look at how to choose the right winning strategy and not make mistakes in the initial rounds.

Don't update the store too often 

You should better avoid updating the store in the early stages since each action costs 2 gold units. You can find much more efficient use for the currency. Wait until the middle of the match and only then consider using it, when you already have a clear understanding of the required alliances and the desire to upgrade one of your most important characters.

Remember that all purchased units can later be sold for 100% of the cost, that is, without incurring absolutely no harm. Do not be afraid to buy heroes, if there are still empty cells on the bench on the field. Thus, the chance to get a two-star creature before the rest is significantly increased.

2★ > 3 ★

Concentrate on raising the level of the most effective heroes to 2★, instead of spending prematurely on maximizing the "piece". First, this is much easier to achieve. Second, such a tactic turns out to be much safer for the victory of the entire squad and securing your own health points.

Also, do not forget that there is a limit on the total number of heroes in Dota Underlords that are available to all players. If one of your opponents has already formed one of the alliances and managed to bring it to a high level, the chances of similar figures to appear in the store become much lower.

Start with the "tanks"

It is better to start the match with the fighters who have the highest health indicators. Axe, Tusk, Juggernaut and Tiny are the best choices. It is also wise to try to form an alliance of Knights or Brawny because their passive bonuses reduce damage to heroes and increase the amount of HP.

You can get more information about all the heroes and class buffs in separate articles.

Watch your gold

At the end of each round, all players will automatically receive gold. The bonus multiplier is 10% of the indicator at the time of the start of the round (maximum - +5 units from 50 coins in the wallet). Try to keep your savings as close as possible to the next ten, that is, if you have 28 coins, it will be wise to sell an unnecessary unit to increase gold income.

Also, remember that the additional currency is charged not only for a series of victories but also for a series of defeats. Check the guide on economics and how to earn gold quickly right here

Upgrade units on time

If the circumstances allow you,  try to reach the following levels during the match in the next order (if you have a sufficient amount of gold):

  • Level 5 to round 9;
  • Level 7 to round 17;
  • Level 8 to round 21;
  • Level 9 to round 31;

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

As in many other games, following one of the existing instructions steps by step or trying to obey a specific build is unlikely to lead to a long series of victories. Perhaps at first, these attempts will bring the desired result, but when meeting with a more experienced adversary, much theoretical knowledge will no longer work.

Try to choose a few optimal styles of play for yourself and learn how to quickly switch between them when the situation on the field demands. Only in this way will it be possible to catch your opponent by surprise and not get lost in cases where the fortune is not on your side.

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