DOTA Summit 10: Day 1 recap

Jul 26 2019 2 min read

DOTA Summit 10: Day 1 recap ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

After being postponed in December last year, DOTA Summit has finally returned, bringing its usual flair and excitement. This marks the last Dota 2 event before The International 2019, with Alliance the only team in the tournament roster that has qualified for the major Dota 2 event. 

On day one we had Alliance defeat J.Storm and Team Serenity 2-0 in games that truly displayed why Alliance will be at TI9. While also beating Team Serenity 2-0, the Swedish team drew against the paiN Gaming. This gives Alliance the top spot in the round robin group stage so far, alongside the Brazilians. 

paiN Gaming was able to match Alliance's play all day, achieving 2-0 wins against J.Storm and Complexity Gaming as well. Serenity played only two teams, coming in third on the standings with one win against Complexity Gaming and its initial loss to Alliance

Fourth place goes to beastcoast which also played only two teams, both of which resulted in draws. Considering these matches were against Complexity Gaming and J.Storm, things could get even harder for them today. In fifth place we have Complexity Gaming and J.Storm tied at the bottom, both with a single draw and two losses each. 

Beyond The Summit is always full of antics and this time was no different. From GranDGranT of Truffle Salt's push-up challenge to ixmike of beastcoast's mixing up event sponsors. It was business as usual on day one and day two should be even better. Today's lineup looks like this:

  • Alliance vs beastcoast
  • paiN Gaming vs Serenity 
  • Alliance vs Complexity Gaming
  • J.Storm vs Serenity
  • paiN Gaming vs beastcoast 
  • J.Storm vs Complexity 
  • Serenity vs beastcoast 

Judging by yesterday's performances, Alliance is going to be hard pressed by paiN Gaming, with any slip-up costing them their present rank. Team Serenity could also drop down a few ranks since they're both one match behind, especially beastcoast that will be playing both Alliance and paiN Gaming today. Complexity Gaming and J.Storm both have tough matches today too but they will also face each other and the outcome of this match could be the deciding factor on which of them will leave the other at the bottom. 

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