Dota Pro Circuit 2019-2020 details revealed

Sep 11 2019 5 min read

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Valve has released information regarding the Dota Pro Circuit 2019-2020 season. It includes details regarding point distribution, it's accumulation and qualifiers. It features 5 Majors and 5 Minors that all offer DPC Points to determine the 12 teams to receive direct invites to The International.

The first DPC 2019-2020 event is the $300,000 Minor scheduled for November 7-10. All teams will have to register their official rosters on or before September 28, 10:00 AM PDT.

The new season will also feature a few changes, following criticism and feedback received during the last season. Valve provided an FAQ which details things that have been added or changed. Here's our breakdown of the FAQ:

The 16 team double-elimination Majors will have the following point distribution: 

Minors will have the following point distribution:

*Since Minor winners will also compete in the Major, they will only receive points for whichever one they receive the most points from.

  • Points will be earned by all 16 teams playing in the Major, the 8 playing in the Minors and those in the Regional Qualifiers. 

  • Major's are worth 15000 points while Minors are worth 660. 

  •  Points are earned by teams and not players. 

  • When players change teams, they do not take any points with them.

  • The top 12 with the highest total points receive direct invites to The International 2020. Teams will also be invited from the Regional Qualifiers. 

  • Points determine invites to the Regional Qualifiers, but teams must have a valid active roster. 

  • Each region will get a minimum of 2 qualified teams for Major's and a minimum of 1 qualified team for Minors. 

  • The regions for the additional qualifier slots will be assigned by Valve, as per the remaining 3 Majors and 2 Minor qualifier slots. 

  • In addition to qualifying for a Major via Regional Qualifiers, the winner of the preceding Minor receives automatic qualification as well. They earn whichever DPC points is greater from between the Minor and Major. 

  • Only teams that haven't qualified for the Major can compete in the Minor qualifiers. 

  • Teams can play with substitutes during the qualifiers so long as at least 4 of its 5 registered players take part. However, any team that plays the LAN portion of a tournament with a sub will incur a 40% penalty on points earned from that tournament. 

  • Teams can remove players after qualifying for a tournament but will suffer a 20% deduction to the points received from that event, in addition to the regular penalty. 

  • Teams can release players from their rosters right up until the beginning of the final Minor. They can also still add players to complete a set of 5 until 12 PM PST, the day after the last Major ends. At this point all teams are locked and TI invites will begin. 

  • Individuals that belong to or work for a team that has qualified for TI or the TI Regional Qualifiers cannot participate in TI Open Qualifiers

  • The top 8 teams with the most DPC points from each region that didn't get invited to TI and have a full DPC roster will be invited to the Regional Qualifiers. 

New Majors format

Phase One will have 4 best-of-3 GSL groups of 4. The top 2 teams per group advance to the Upper Bracket, while the Bottom 2 teams per group advance to lower brackets.

Phase Two will have a 16 team double-elimination with 8 starting in the Lower Bracket. The 1st round of the Lower Bracket will be best-of-1 matches, while the finals will be best-of-5 and every other game will be best-of-3.

New Minors format

Phase One will have 2 best-of-3 GSL groups of 4. The top 2 teams per group will advance to the Playoffs.

Phase Two will have 4 best-of-3 team double-elimination matches and the finals will be a best-of-5.


The Major's and Minors qualifiers have been combined for this season into a shorter one. This reduces complexity and time for players and organisers. It also provides teams that qualify for a Major, time to rest without compromising the time teams in a Minor require to get visas. 

The qualifier dates are as follows:

  • Qualifier 1: September 30 - October 5

  • Qualifier 2: December 1 - December 6

  • Qualifier 3: February 9 - February 14

  • Qualifier 4: March 29 - April 3

  • Qualifier 5: May 17 - May 22

The new format for Qualifiers to Majors and Minors is split into the following three Phases. 

Phase One will run for 2 days. It will feature 2 best-of-2 groups of 5. The top 8 teams with DPC points are invited alongside 2 Open Qualifier spots. If there aren't enough teams with DPC points, Valve will decide how to distribute the remaining slots.

The top 2 teams from each group will advance to Phase Two. 3rd place from each group will advance to Phase Three, while the remaining teams are eliminated and receive 10 DPC points. In cases where the region has 3 Major or 2 Minor invites, Both 4th places play a best-of-3 to decide who else goes. In cases where the region has 3 Majors AND 2 Minor invites, both 4th places will advance instead.

Phase Two features a 4 team double-elimination structure. The top 2-3 teams qualify for the Major, while the loser(s) advance to Phase Three.

Phase Three features a 4 team double-elimination. The top 1-2 qualify for the Minor while the remaining teams receive 20 DPC points.

With just over two weeks available for teams to submit their rosters, we could still see a lot of reshuffling as they all prepare for DPC 2019-2020 to begin. 


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