Dota Plus - Everything You Need To Know About It

Jan 12 2020 2 min read

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Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. As such, this game brings together millions of people from all over the world each day.  Apart from appealing to the masses, Dota 2 is also one of the biggest eSports in the world. In fact, some tournaments are being held all over the world. Some of them have prize pools that can go up to $34,000,000, which is just insane.

The game itself has over 120 different heroes and items to choose from, which makes it very complicated. It seems like Valve also knows this, which is why they decided to release a new service called Dota Plus. Apart from cosmetic items, this unique feature shows you all kinds of useful data in the game itself, such as win chance, which heroes are best against a certain hero, and so on.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what we need to know about Dota Plus.

Basic Information, and how much does it cost?

Dota Plus is basically a subscription that you need to pay for every single month. Currently, it costs $3.99 per month, but if you purchase it for the entire year, you will get a pretty hefty discount.

In terms of the features, you get a lot of bonuses such as unique relics, chat wheel sounds, shards, different cosmetic items, tippings, and one-of-a-kind hero progression. Also, whenever there is a Battle Pass or any other special event, the players that are Dota Plus subscribers also get bonuses.

In other words, you can get some pretty cool stuff for just $3.99 a month. Apart from the cosmetic things that don't really have an impact on your gameplay, you also gain access to valuable information that many people even consider to be a "pay-to-win" thing. Even though this can be true up to a point, we don't really think that you can benefit all that much from it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your skills to climb up the MMR bracket.


Here are some of the features that you can choose a Dota Plus subscriber:

  • Avoiding players - this is probably one of the best things you can get because you can dodge the game ruiners that you meet.
  • Free Weekend Battlecups - a great way to have fun with your friends on the weekends.
  • Different in-game suggestions related to hero picks, item choices, and more.
  • Special Statistics
  • Watching your friends live

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