Dota 2 - Who is the Strongest 1v1 Midlaner?

Mar 16 2020 2 min read

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Dota 2 has many strong 1v1 heroes that can be very interesting to play with. Even though the vast majority of them are carries, there are also a couple of mid heroes that can also fight for this title.

Before we cover the hero which we believe is the strongest 1v1 mid laner, it's important to clarify something first. There is no such thing in Dota 2 as "the best" because every hero can be good and bad in certain situations or against certain heroes. That's why we will just point out the hero which in our opinion is the best all-rounder against most matchups.

Templar Assassin

Whether you like or not not, Templar Assassin is one of those heroes that can just dominate the mid lane. She is extremely good against nearly every other mid hero, with just a few exceptions. The main reason for that is that she deals tons of damage and also has an ability that doesn't allow the enemy to inflict any damage to her (Refraction). As a result, TA is can lane very well against heroes that usually do tons of damage (Shadow Fiend, Invoker, Ember Spirit, etc.).

Of course, there are some heroes that are capable of giving her a very hard time but they are by no means counters:

  • Venomancer
  • Viper
  • Huskar

Even against those heroes, TA can still have a decent matchup if she plays her cards right. 

If for some reason, things are not looking good for TA, she can always go in the jungle and recover quickly thanks to Psi Blades. This passive skill allows hero to easily clean the Neutral Camps with little to no effort.


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