Dota 2 - Who is the Strongest 1v1 Carry?

Mar 17 2020 2 min read

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The carry heroes in Dota 2 are among the best 1v1 heroes in the entire game. This doesn't really surprise us that much because their job is to win the game for their team. 

Before we go over which hero we believe is the best in a 1v1 scenario, it's important to say that there isn't an answer to this question. Every single Dota 2 hero has the potential to be the best, given the right situation. That's why we will try to focus on the hero that we believe is the best all-rounder. 

Now that we've cleared this out, here is the hero which we believe is the strongest carry in a one vs one situation.

Troll Warlord

Many of you might be surprised by our hero of choice but we honestly believe that Troll Warlord is one of the strongest Dota 2 heroes in a 1v1 scenario. Ever since Valve changed the way in which his ultimate works, he is capable of surviving even the deadliest encounters. As long as you buy the proper items, Troll Warlord can become extremely difficult to deal with.

It's safe to say that his strongest characteristic is his ultimate. When it's used correctly, Troll is capable of life-stealing tons of amounts of hp and prevent himself from dying. As a result, there is a very little window where you can kill him. If he manages to survive that disable that you'll inflict upon him, he is more than likely going to be able to bring you down.

There are many great items for Troll but in general, everything that gives strength and agility should to the job. So, things like a Sange and Yasha, Eye of Skadi, Butterfly, etc. can be priceless.

Even though Troll is pretty strong, there are also other heroes that are capable of going toe to toe with him. One of those heroes is Faceless Void. Unlike any other hero in Dota 2, Void has the power to stand still and hit his enemy for the entire duration of his Chronosphere. So, as long as he does enough damage, he can potentially bring down Troll. However, If he fails to do that while the Chrono is up, he will surely die.

Another hero that's worth mentioning here is Spectre. Her passive skills are very strong when it comes down to a 1v1 scenario, which is why she also has the firepower to bring down Troll, given the circumstances.



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