Dota 2 - Which Heroes work well with Tinker?

Mar 20 2020 2 min read

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Tinker is one of those heroes that are capable of doing tons of damage, especially during the mid and the late game. However, this can sometimes be very hard, especially when he has to lane and play against certain heroes. Having said that, there are some heroes that can work very well in with Tinker because they can allow him to have a very easy game. Let's take a look at them right now.

Treant Protector

Although you might not see the resembles here at first, Trent is an excellent hero who is capable of providing Tinker with a lot of defensive things. Apart from Living Armour, this hero can also provide his team with tons of vision, which is exactly what heroes like Tinker need. After all, he has to be very careful not to get caught, so every single thing that gives him vision is welcomed.

Faceless Void

The second hero that is worth mentioning here is Void. Even though both he and Tinker require a lot of farms, Void's ult is exactly what every Tinker player dreams of. He can keep the enemies in place long enough for tinker to cast his spells and deal tons of damage. However, you just have to be careful not to be caught inside the chromosphere because that's not the best place to be.

Spirit Breaker

The last hero that deserves a spit here is SB. He works well with Tinker for two main reasons. First, he is capable of ganking early on and second, he provides the vision to a target. This allows Tinker to use his incredible magic damage and burst someone down relatively easy.


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