Dota 2 - Which Heroes work well with Templar Assassin?

Mar 06 2020 2 min read

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There are many amazing snowball heroes in Dota 2 that are capable of doing insane amounts of damage. Even though some people will not agree, we believe that Templar Assassin is definitely one of those heroes. Thanks to its ability to one-shot heroes, TA can be a huge pain to deal with, especially if she gets a good start. However, if she is somehow stopped, her impact on the game is not that high.

Having said that, here are some of the heroes that can work very well with her. If you have TA in your team, you should definitely consider picking one of them.


Slardar is definitely the best hero that you can pair with TA. Apart from having two reliable stuns, this hero is also capable of reducing tons of armor from the enemy hero. This allows TA to quickly 100-0 him, especially when she has Desolator and uses Meld. As a result, those two heroes are just a nightmare to play against, so definitely try not to let that happen.


Another hero that definitely deserves to be on this list is Lich. Thanks to the impressive shield that he can give to his allies, Lich is capable of slowing down the enemies, allowing TA to quickly burst them down. Of course, let's also not forget about Sinister Gaze, one pretty impressive skill that also helps with getting kills.


Last, but not least, we have yet another support hero - Dazzle. Even though TA and Dazzle is not your typical Dota 2 combo that you can come across, those two heroes are capable of doing tons of damage together. Thanks to his ultimate, Dazzle is very scary support, especially during the later stages of the game.


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