Dota 2 - Which Heroes work well with Meepo?

Mar 02 2020 2 min read

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There are not that many Dota 2 heroes that have such a big impact on the game as Meepo. He is often considered to be the one-man army because he can deal incredible amounts of damage and farm very fast. However, this all comes at a cost - Meepo is also one of the hardest Dota 2 heroes to master, especially when you have to play against good enemies. Unless you pick last, there will always be someone who's going to try to counter you, so playing Meepo can be very hard.

That's why it's important to take a look at a couple of heroes that can work well with Meepo on their side.


Generally speaking. Magnus is good with all melee heroes and Meepo is no exception. Thanks to his Empower, the hero starts to farm at even faster rates, which makes him even more dangerous. Of course, let's also not forget about the deadly ultimate that can single-handedly decide the course of a teamfight. Combined with Meepo's raw damage and it's easy to see why these two heroes work very well together.


Another hero that can work well with Meepo is Tide. Apart from the obvious combo with Ravage, many people forget that Tide also has a spell that can remove the armor. This is very strong when you combine it with natural physical damage dealers such as Meepo.


Last, but definitely not least, we have Kunkka. This hero can be played both as a core or as support and in both cases, he works very well with Meepo. Thanks to the amazing spell called X marks the spot, Kunkka can easily secure kills for Meepo during the early game. Also, his ultimate can be literally a "saving grace" for Meepo when things are not going as planned. Apart from stunning the enemies, this ability will also reduce the damage you receive, which can be very strong in some situations.


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