Dota 2 - Which Heroes Work Well With Mars?

Mar 29 2020 2 min read

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Mars is one of the newest Dota 2 heroes that came out just a couple of months ago. Despite that, he has quickly risen in popularity, especially after the hero became available in Captain's Mode. He is fairly easy to pick up but one very hard hero to master, which is why we can rarely see people who're very skilled with him, especially in PUB games.

Having said that, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to play with this hero in your team, here are several heroes that can work very well with him.

Skywrath Mage

One of the best heroes that you can get with Mars is Skywrath. This hero is known for doing tons of magic damage, but he needs the target to be locked in place in order to do that. This is where Mars and his first skill comes in hand. He can easily pin someone to the tree which will allow Skywrath to use his ultimate and burst someone down.

Crystal Maiden

CM is not really one of those heroes that you think whenever you're trying to come up with a combo. However, her ultimate has the firepower to bring down an enemy hero very fast, which is why it works wonders with Mars's Arena of Blood. When used together, these two skills can absolutely rip through the enemies, which makes them a very deadly combo.


Another hero that deserves to be on this list is Phoneix. Similar to Crystal Maiden, his ult and the Arena of Blood can do wonders if they are timed right. The fact that the enemy heroes won't be able to escape from Mar's ultimate means that they will be stunned from Phoenix, which will allow him to deal a lot of damage.


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