Dota 2 - Which Heroes work well with Anti-Mage?

Mar 11 2020 2 min read

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Many carry heroes are capable fo winning the game for their team, as long as the situations allow them to thrive. Some of them can bounce back even when they're down, whereas others have to always be ahead in order to shine. One of those heroes is Anti-Mage, one of the most annoying carries in Dota 2. Despite the fact that he has a bounce-back potential, in most cases, the hero can get crushed if he has a bad early game.

Having said that, here are a couple of heroes that can work very well with him.


The first hero that we have to put on this list is Magnus. Thanks to his incredible ability that allows melee heroes to farm faster (Empower), this is one of the best companions for every Anti-Mage player. 

Ember Spirit

Many of you might be surprised that Ember is on this list but this is for a reason. One of the best ways in which you can help Anti-Mage is if you make enough space on the map for him. Needless to say, Ember is one of the best heroes for this, especially when he gets a good start. By constantly getting involved in fights, he can easily force the enemy team to fight him and leave AM to do his thing.


For the same reason we've mentioned above, Puck is also one of those heroes that can be very useful with AM. However, he and Ember both need to have a good start that will allow them to slowly but steadily start to snowball. If that doesn't happen, you won't be able to help your Anti-Mage a lot.


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