Dota 2 - Which heroes is Silencer good aginst in the mid lane?

May 22 2020 2 min read

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We can all agree that Dota 2 has many annoying heroes that we just don't want to play against. One of those heroes is Silencer, a support/mid laner who can make you delete your game in some circumstances. Even though the hero is not that popular recently, you can often see him in-game because he has is a great counter pick. Apart from that, Silencer can also be an excellent choice for certain mid matchups, which we will see right now. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the heroes that Silencer is pretty good against.

Storm Spirit

We can all agree that Silencer is one of the biggest counters to Storm Spirit during the laning stage. Apart from the fact that he has a Global Silence, Silencer also deals a lot of pure damage, thanks to his second ability. As a result, he can constantly harras the hero, which will force him to buy a lot of regen. To make matters worse, Storm Spirit can't spam his Remnants freely because there is always that Arcane Curse that he has to think about.


The second spellcaster that can have a pretty hard lane against Silencer is Zeus. That's probably not a surprise, considering the fact that Zeus relies entirely on his spells to win. In order for Silencer to dominate this lane, he has to max si Arcane Curse. Here, the right-click damage won't do much because Zeus will do more damage with his spells. 


Viper is usually the hero that you pick when you want to win a certain lane. However, he also has his weakness, one of which is Silencer. Although this matchup might seem really one-sided, as long as Silencer keeps spamming his first ability, there is nothing that Viper can do to stop him. Sure, he deals more right-click damage, but Silencer has a lot of range, so he can stay behind and farm freely.


The last hero that's worth putting on this list is Invoker. He is a in similar state to Zeus, but he is more dangerous because he does a lot of physical damage as well. However, once he gets that curse on, things become really complicated.


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