Dota 2 - Which heroes is Jakiro good against in the mid lane?

May 22 2020 2 min read

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Jakiro is one pretty interesting hero in Dota 2 that often tends to be forgotten. Even though in 99% of the cases you will find him to be a support, there are some people who prefer to pick him as a mid laner. Even though the hero has a pretty bad attack animation, his spells are very annoying, so he can easily counter a lot of typical mid laners. In fact, even some pro players, such as w33ha used to pick this hero in pro games.

So, let's take a look at several heroes where Jakiro can be a pretty hard matchup to win.

Templar Assassin

The first hero that's usually one of the best laners in Dota 2 is Templar Assassin. TA is known for her incredible damage capabilities, as well as lane presence. However, she is not good at all against Jakiro, because the hero has a lot of abilities that do damage over time. As a result, TA's refraction slowly disappears, which allows Jakiro to harass her a lot. This means that the hero has to use loads of gold on regen, which is not good.

Storm Spirit

Storm is another really strong mid laner that usually has no troubles in dealing with most enemies. However, due to Jakiro's incredible harassment, Storm will always stay on low HP, which will make him very vulnerable to ganks.


Meepo is one of the Dota 2 heroes that's capable of winning the game on his own. However, that's not that easy whenever he has to lane against Jakiro and play against that hero later on. Due to his incredible AoE damage, the two-headed dragon is capable of mucking all of Meepo's clones at ones, which means that the player needs to be extremely careful not to make a wrong move. If he spends too much time in Jakiro's ultimate, he will either die or remain on really low HP, which is not good either.



Even though you won't find Pudge going mid too often, this is a hero that's more than capable of laning there. However, he will definitely think twice before he goes up against Jakiro. Even though one hook will most likely result in a kill, Jakiro does significantly more damage than Pudge, which means that he will be able to zone him out.


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