Dota 2: Which Heroes Does Huskar work the best with?

Mar 01 2020 2 min read

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There are not that many heroes in Dota 2 that have such a strong impact on the game as Huskar. If this hero gets a head start, he can quickly snowball out of control and wint he game for his team in less than 25 minutes. However, the opposite is also true. If the hero gets stomped early on, recovering is pretty much impossible because Huskar doesn't have any reliable farming tool. That's why it's very important to pair this hero alongside other heroes that work well with him.

Having said that, let's take a look at a couple of names that can do wonders alongside the mighty Sacred Warrior.


The first hero that is worth mentioning here is Oracle. He is often considered as one of the most defensive supports and it is for a reason. Thanks to his incredibly powerful ultimate, Huskar can abslutelly go ham on everyone druing a team fight. What's more, Oracle can also trigger Husk's passive skill thanks to his  healing abilityh, which can also work wonders in many situations. There are not that many ways in which you can counter this mighty duo, especially when they get a good start.


Dazzle-Huskar is one of the most classic Dota 2 combinations. This combo exists since the days of DotA and for a reason - these heroes work very well as a team. Thanks to his healing ability and Grave, Huskar is capalbe of ditching tons of damage on the enemy targets, especially when they are focus him. As a result, dealing with this combo can be pretty hard. The only real way of doing it is if the enemy team manages to kill Dazzle first. Having said that, this is definiutely easier said than done.


The last hero that we is worth mentioning here is Omniknight. Often underestimated, this hero has the needed abilities to make Huskar nearly immortal in certain situations. Even though his Repel is not as strong as it used to be, Omni is still a very danagerous hero, especially when he is combined with frontliners such as Huskar.


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