Dota 2 - Which heroes can lane well against Kunkka?

Apr 24 2020 2 min read

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Even though there are many people who tried to play Kunkka as support, the hero still remains one of the best mid laners in the world. That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that the hero can easily crush others on the lane and dominated the mid-game. However, similar to any other Dota 2 hero out here, Kunkka has its weakness, so here are some of the best heroes that you can pick against this hero.


Ursa is not really your typical mid laner but the hero works wonders against Kunkka. Generally speaking, Ursa is a nightmare to deal with as a melee hero, which is even more true after there changes that were done to her. Now, she is one of the strongest laners, which is why she can easily harras Kunkka from the lane. What's more, she is also pretty tank so she can even soak a lot of damage from Tidebringer, which is another strong side.

Monkey King

MK is one of the worst heroes to lane against, regardless of what hero you've picked. Even though he is not that tanky, he does tons of damage which is more than enough to force enemies out of the lane. To make things even worse, Monkey King can actively dodge spells thanks to his bonus skill, so he's definitely capable of ruining Kunkka's laning stage.

Shadow Fiend

The last hero that we believe deserves to be on this list is Shadow Fiend. Sure, SF is not really tanky and will suffer a lot of damage from Tidebringer but he can also harras Kunkka all the time with his Shadowrazers. What's more, he can even go to the jungle and farm the camps there, which is another advantage in the laning stage.


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