Dota 2 - Which heroes can lane well against Axe?

Apr 30 2020 2 min read

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Axe is a hero that can carry his team, even though he is played as an offlaner. That's due to the fact that the hero deals a lot of physical damage at all stages of the game. The situation gets even more serious whenever he buys a Blade Mail and starts "hunting" the enemy core heroes. However, before this moment arrives, Axe has to go through the laning stage. Needless to say, he is one of the most dominant laners in Dota 2, but there are several heroes that can lane very well against him, so let's check them out.


Timbersaw is great against strength-based enemies, which is why her works wonder against Axe. Once the hero gets to level 5, Axe can't stay on the lane against him anymore because he will just die. Nevertheless, before this moment arrives, Timbersaw is not that strong because Axe deals a lot of physical damage.


The second hero that is very strong against other laners is Ursa. Even though she will suffer a bit in the first two or three levels, once that Fury Swipes gets to level 3, the situation is going to change for the better. If she manages to stack this ability a few times, Axe won't be able to tank the hero and he will end-up dying.

Money King

The last hero that's capable of ruining Axe's laning stage is MK. That's not really a surprise because this hero is considered to be one of the best laners in Dota 2. Even though he doesn't have that much armor, he deals tons of damage even from level one, thanks to his passive ability.  If there is a support hero on the lane with him that has a stun, you can be absolutely sure that Axe will die all the time because he just won't be able to tank the incoming damage.


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