Dota 2 - Which heroes are good against Void Spirit?

Mar 15 2020 2 min read

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Void Spirit is one of the newest heroes in Dota 2 that was released as a part of the "Outlanders Update". Needless to say, he quickly became one of the hottest heroes in the game. Now, a few months after he's out, we can finally take a step back and see which are the heroes that work well against him. Having said that, here are the three heroes that work very well against him.

Storm Spirit

Many of you might not agree, but Storm Spirit is actually a very strong hero against Void. The reason for that is that SS is incredibly mobile, which allows him to jump out of nowhere and catch his enemies off-guard. As a result, he can easily jump on top of VS a quickly burst him down.


Although VS has the advantage here in the laning stage, once Meepo becomes big, it's really hard to do anything against this hero. He has the power to keep you in place for long enough so that he can deliver his knock-out punch.

Chaos Knight

CK is a very interesting hero that can be extremely strong in certain situations. If he snowballs early on, he will quickly buy his core items and then become incredibly hard to deal with. Even though Void Spirit has a shield that absorbs some damage, it's not enough to keep him safe from CK's deadly damage.


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