Dota 2 - Which heroes are good against Arc Warden?

Mar 13 2020 2 min read

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Some Dota 2 heroes are way more annoying than others, which is why they require special attention. One of those heroes is Arc Warden, a hero that often tends to be underestimated. However, given a proper start, he is capable of absolutely ripping through the enemy lineup. 

Having said that, here are a couple of heroes that can be very strong against Arc Warden at pretty much all stages of the game. Picking one of them against him will allow you to have a higher chance of winning.


The first hero that is definitely worth mentioning here is Slark. Often regarded as one of the strongest carries, Slark is a nightmare to play against whenever he gets a head start. One of Arc Warden's strongest advantages is that he has a special shield that doesn't allow him to be attacked from enemies that are not inside of it. However, Slark can easily jump in and just start hitting him.


The second hero that deserves to be mentioned here is Lifestealer. Thanks to his ability called Rage, he can easily dispel Arc's slow and then just chase him down until he kills him. What's more, he can even do the so-called "Naix bombs" with some heroes that have initiation.


Although he is pretty hard to play with, Meepo is also one of those heroes that can easily win against Arc, both during the lane and afterward. Although AW does a lot of damage, Meepo can also tank a lot and kite for ages thanks to his roots. However, once he gets a couple of items, he is capable of doing tons of damage


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