Dota 2 - Which are the best lane companions for Keeper of the Light?

May 14 2020 2 min read

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Keeper of the Light used to be one of the most annoying supports to play against due to Mana Leak. This ability was an absolute nightmare because it literally left everyone without mana in just a matter of seconds. However, IceFrog stepped in and change it, KotL suddenly became not as strong as he once was.

Despite that, there are still many players who pick this hero in order to win their ranked games. That's why we've decided to list a few heroes that work very well with Keeper of the Light in the laning stage. Even though this support as no stun, he still has a few spells that can make the life of the enemy offlaner pretty hard.


The first hero here is pretty classic when it comes down to pairing him with Kotl. Bristleback has been one of the best heroes here because can spam his Quills without worrying whether he will run out of mana or no. Sure, neither fo those heroes have a stun, which makes killing the enemy pretty hard. However, thanks to BB's natural tankiness, he can chase people behind the towers and still kill them, thanks to all those Quill stacks.


Sven is another popular option that many people pair up with Keeper of the Light. Apart from the mana issues, KotL's mana leak means that the offlaner has to stay in place unless he wants to run out of mana. This means that Sven will have a lot of time to go to the target and attack it. Once the mana leak is over, he can just use his Stun and land an extra few attacks, which in most cases should be enough to score a kill.


LS is very similar to Bristleback in terms of his interaction with KotL. This is also a hero that regularly has mana issues because he has two active spells, apart from his ultimate. However, thanks to Chakra, he can spam his Rage and Open Wounds all the time, which means that the enemy offlaner will always have low HP.


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