Dota 2 - When to buy Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearanceo or a Gemo of True Sight

Mar 12 2020 2 min read

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Whether we like or not, not all Dota 2 heroes are the same. There are a handful of heroes in this game that are very annoying to play against because they are invisible. This allows them to move freely without being noticed unless the enemy team has something to reveal then. Currently, the only three items that have the power to do that are Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, and a Gem of True Sight. 

Having said that, many people have no idea when should they use them, so let's have a look and see under what circumstances is it worth getting these items.

Sentry Wards

Buying Sentry Wards is one of the most popular ways of dealing with invisible heroes. However, in most cases, this is not the most efficient option, especially if you're chasing someone. The best use of Sentry Wards is defensive. Just place them somewhere where you want to be absolutely sure that there won't be anyone to catch you off-guard.

Dust of Appearance

This item is most effective whenever you're playing aggressively and you're trying to kill someone as soon as possible. Unlike the sentry wards, the Dust can be used only once and lats a couple of seconds. This makes him incredibly ineffective to be used defensively.

Gem of True Sight

Lastly, we have a Gem of True Sight. This item is a combination of the first two but better in any single away. Firstly, it stays in your inventory all the time, until you die, which means that you have True Sight wherever you go. Also, it is available all the time, instead of just a couple of seconds. However, it's pretty expensive, so you should only get it when you really need this item. 


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